Electroless Nickel Coating with Dispersed PTFE

The coating is generated by electroless deposition of a nickel-phosphorous alloy layer onto a workpiece surface. In this layer 20 to 30 Vol.% of the fluoric plastic polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) is distributed homogeneously. This way the dispersion layer combines the precious properties of Electroless nickel coating with all of the advantages offered by PTFE.
The coating offers outstanding adhesive wear resistance and excellent dry running properties; it has a high temperature resistance, outstanding anti-friction and anti-adhesive properties and, in combination with an intermediate layer, it also shows good corrosion resistance.

Characteristics :

  • The coefficient of friction : depending on the tribosystem, 0.1 - 0.2.
  • PTFE dispersion rate : approx. 20-30 Vol.%.
  • Hardness : approx. 230 HV 0.01(mixed hardness).
  • The recommended layer thickness : 7 - 15 µm.
The many layer properties of EN/PTFE make it well-suited for wide array applications in the most diverse sectors of industry. Various Rotors and bodies for Dry pumps are coated with EN/PTFE for corrosion resistance.
  • gearbox components
  • conveyor systems
  • printing machines
  • bearing and mould making
  • structural pneumatic and hydraulic components
  • gaskets
  • electrical switching components
  • fan wheels
  • rollers
  • valves
  • plastic moulding components
  • filter gauzes
  • textile machine parts
  • tire moulds
  • bakery equipment
  • control levers
  • door lock fittings
  • shafts
  • bearing seats